Analysis of BPMT understandability


The changes in the business environment are causing growing interest and a continual development of process approach, its concept, methods, and IT tools enabling Business Process Modelling (BPM) and improvements intended to enhance an organisations’ performance.

The purpose of this paper is to present a solution for measuring the understandability of selected business process modelling notations and their practical application based on empirical tests of notation comprehension. Both the subjective and objective understanding of the processes evaluation was based on process models and written use-case. Three notations used for modelling business processes were diagnosed: EPC, BPMS and BPMN.

The comparative analysis of business process understandability was performed using comprehension tests and an ANOVA test which allowed the evaluation of differences between the groups of respondents, experienced and inexperienced in business processes modelling. The findings will be a basis for formulating recommendations with respect to notations to be chosen for projects where process modelling is aimed at supporting human understanding and communication, and where unambiguous understanding of models is the key criterion for selecting the Business Process Modelling Technique (BPMT).

Gabryelczyk R., Jurczuk A., Comparative Analysis of Business Processes Notation Understandability, [in] B.F. Kubiak J. Maślankowski (eds.) INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN PRACTICE, Faculty of Management, University of Gdańsk 2015, pp. 95-106.