BPM in the public sector - explored and future research fields


Public administration institutions of today need to enhance effectiveness and to raise customer satisfaction. They are therefore turning to methods and techniques that have been used in the management of profit-based organizations. Effective process management not only reduces costs, but also translates into high quality of services provided to citizens, and the efficient use of resources, including information and communication systems supporting government operations.
Findings of our research confirms that the use of BPM in the public sector is undergoing a similar evolution that has taken place in the private sector. Improving internal structures and processes of public institutions have become dominant issues in the discussion of BPM. However, we recognized the growing importance of BPM use in the implementation of t-Government, which is focussed on a technology-driven change of business process with the main aim of delivering innovating services for citizens and radical organizational changes.

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R. Gabryelczyk, A. Jurczuk, Business Process Management in the Public Sector: Explored and Future Research Fields, 9th EuroMed Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business, Conference Readings, Book Proceedings, 2016, p. 786-799.