Digital skills for process designing


The digital transformation in both the social and business fields requires the development of new skills related to the use and implementation of contemporary IT technologies, which provide the basis for Industry 4.0. One of the main concepts of these changes is the automation and robotization of business processes. The design, implementation and use of solutions in this field require appropriate skills. Therefore, it is necessary to identify gaps in digital skills and reduce them with adequate training and development. The main objective of the paper is to identify both current gaps and future needs for digital design skills to support and understand the automation of business processes. A survey was carried out in manufacturing companies from six European countries. Its results have enabled us to create a future-oriented digital design competence framework that addresses the requirements of process design and automation in the Factory of the Future.

Jurczuk, A., & Florea, A. (2022). FUTURE-ORIENTED DIGITAL SKILLS FOR PROCESS DESIGN AND AUTOMATION. Human Technology, 18(2).